Car Wash

Wash and Dry

The first step to a clean vehicle.

Under Carriage Wash

Protect the underbody of your vehicle from rust and corrosion brought on by salt, mud, dirt and grime.

Wheel Cleaner

Clean, shine and protect your rims from brake dust, dirt and grime.

Tire Shine

Keep your tires looking better than new with an intense high gloss black shine and protectant.

Tripe Foam

Conditioner, protectant and extra soap when your car is especially dirty or your looking for an incomparable shine.

Hi-Pressure Rinse

Helps ensure that all the grime and loose particles are removed with your soap treatment.


Make sure the road ahead is always clear by using Rain-x to keep your windshield free from rain drops.

Full Service Packages

Tenafly, NJ location only


Includes Everything in
Gold Package
  •   Express Spray Wash
    (Hand Applied)
  • $29

    * SUV's Included.


Includes Everything in
Silver Package
  •   Lava Bath
  •   Rain Vision
  •   Carnuba Bath
  •   Truck Vacuum
  • $20

    * SUV's Included.


Includes Everything in
Bronze Package
  •   Tire Shine
  •   Mats Clean
  •   Under Carriage Wash & Protectant
  •   Conditioner & Protectant
  • $18

    * SUV's Included.


Full Service Wash
  •   Wheels Clean
  •   Interior Vacuum
  •   Towel Dry
  •   Windows Clean
  •   Wipe Dash
  •   Console
  •   Door Jams
  • $14

    * Mini Vans & SUV's add... $3
  •   Conditioner & Protectant   $3
  •   Under Carriage Wash & Protectant   $3
  •   Lava Bath   $3
  •   Carnuba Bath   $3
  •   Rain Vision   $3
  •   Tire Shine   $3
  •   Mats - per set (4)   $3
  •   Mini Vans & SUV's add   $3
  •   Spray Wax   $10
* All Services Include Sales Tax.